About Letters/X™

Chicago’s original anti-Valentine’s Day cabaret, Letters/X™ is based entirely on actual letters, emails, text messages, Facebook posts, and other ephemera submitted by the public. Chicago playwright and musician Anthony Roberts adapts the submissions into a script and writes original songs based on the material.

Letters/X™ opened its first show in 2004 at the Hungry Brain in Chicago’s Roscoe Village neighborhood. After moving the main run to Lincoln Park’s Apollo Studio in 2011 and taking the show on the road to venues throughout Chicago and northwest Indiana, Letters/X takes a hiatus in 2015 after presenting a new show each of the past 11 years.

A Valentine’s tradition for over a decade, Letters/X™ is a perfect evening’s entertainment for a romantic first (or last) date, a night out with the singles, or a cathartic remedy for the brokenhearted. Whatever your relationship status, the show is sure to make you laugh—a reminder that it’s never good to take love too seriously.